Pitney Bowes DM400c Used 'Smart' Franking Machine

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The Pitney Bowes DM400c franking machine operates at a top speed of 95 letters per minute. A fully automatic feeding system is used to complete this, bringing large mail room productivity to any mail room. The DM400c franking machine also comes complete with an integrated 5 Kg weighing scale, detailing the most up to date Royal Mail postage rates. This will help eliminate miss payments of mail items. The Pitney Bowes DM400c franking machine also offers 'Smart Meter' technology allowing your business to use Royal Mail 'VAT' applied services and products such as 'Pre 9am Special Delivery' & 'International Airsure'.

Pitney Bowes DM400c Used 'Smart' Franking Machine

The Pitney Bowes DM400c is a mid volume franking machine, ideal for mail loads of up to 500 letters per day. This franking machine is has High Mileage and is in used condition. 512522 items have been franked with this model and it is guaranteed to give the same impression as a brand new franking machine.

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Further Information about the Pitney Bowes DM400c Used 'Smart' Franking Machine

  • Franking Speed: 95 Letters Per Minute
  • Integrated Weighing Scale: Yes, Standalone 5Kg
  • Smart Meter: Yes
  • Royal Mail VAT Services & Products Compliant: Yes
  • Royal Mail License: Yes
  • Connection Method for 'Top-Ups' or updates: Analogue Line (such as a fax line) or via PC USB connection
  • Postal Rate Change Update: ALL Inclusive Free of Charge with our Support & Service Agreement
  • Free Delivery and Installation: Yes
  • Ink Cartridge Cost & Yield: £89.95 for approx. 12,000 Impressions (Mailcoms Pricing)
  • Ink Cartridge and Pack of Labels Supplied With Machine: Yes
  • Usage & Age: Approximately 18 Months & Light Usage
  • Annual Support & Service Agreement: 1st 12 Months Free of Charge, thereafter - £399 per annum

Used Franking Machines . com (Mailcoms) are an authorised distributor for Pitney Bowes and are fully approved to inspect, service and maintain Pitney Bowes franking machines by the Royal Mail.

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