How it Works

Many of our customers have purchased a used franking machine from us, but were unsure how to proceed from here. For this reason we have generated this help page for users and customers of this website.

Upon receipt of your order we will contact you directly to confirm the order. We will then organise your postage account for your franking machine.

You can buy postage in many forms and this include Direct Debit, Credit Card, Bacs or cheque. An agreed re-crediting / top up amount will be paid by your preferred method just before you receive your franking machine.

Once your postage account is set up you simply request your postage funds via the franking machine which is then automatically processed via your phone line or a LAN line. Most businesses use their fax line as the call only takes around 45 seconds to re-credit / top up the machine, however most modern franking machine models are able to be re-credited / topped up via a PC or a LAN connection. We can provide you with details regrading re-crediting once you purchase a franking machine. Help can also be found on the product pages.